The Hunger Project Ghana promotes menstrual health and hygiene in collaboration with Ghana Health Service

The Hunger Project Ghana promotes menstrual health and hygiene in collaboration with Ghana Health Service

In celebration of this year's World Menstrual Hygiene Day, The Hunger Project (THP) Ghana has partnered with the in the Asuogyaman District, to promote good dietary habits and hygiene practices.

The event aimed to raise public awareness on the importance of menstrual health and wellness.

Ms Sally Osam-Duodu, the Health Promotion Officer at the Asuogyaman District Health Service of the , said nutrition and good dietary habits were important to maintaining menstrual health.

“A balanced diet can help regulate hormones, reduce period cramps, and promote overall menstrual well-being,” she explained.

The collaboration underscores THP Ghana's dedication to enhancing menstrual health and hygiene in the country by promoting healthy habits and practices.

In doing so, it seeks to empower women and girls to take charge of their reproductive health, breaking down barriers and stereotypes that could hinder their autonomy and well-being.

Menstruation, also called “period,” happens when the blood tissue from the uterine lining is shed and leaves the body through the vagina.

Ms Osam-Duodu said eating green leafy vegetables, fruits and foods that contained iron, could prevent iron deficiency during menstrual period.

Regarding good menstrual hygiene practices, she said they help in preventing infections, reducing body odour, and ensured one stayed comfortable.

The practices included a regular change of menstrual products such as pads, tampon, and menstrual cups; keeping the genital area clean; and ensuring the proper disposal of used products by burning them or burying them in a pit.

The World Menstrual Hygiene Day is observed annually on May 28 to highlight the importance of access to menstrual products, period education and sanitation facilities and the 2024 celebration was on the theme: “Together for a #PeriodFriendly World”.

The Hunger Project Ghana, and the Ghana Health Service commemorated the day with female and male students of Yeniama D/A Junior High School, and community members of Yeniama under the Adjena Dornor Epicenter.

Mr. Charles Dzamesi, Project Officer of the Adjena Dornor Epicenter, said it was the role of all organisations, institutions and individuals to raise awareness about such programmes.

He said the awareness creation would help to erase the stigma and taboo around menstruation, strengthen confidence especially among female students, and foster healthy habits.

Several YAZZ sanitary pads were distributed to over 60 participants.

THP is a global, non-profit organisation that has gained deep prominence in local communities due to its impactful interventions and community-led developments.
It trains and equip men and women with skills, methods and knowledge needed to take self-reliant actions to improve their lives and conditions in their communities.

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