Tema Port expansion: Meridian Port Services Ltd to receive delivery of 15 world class cranes

Tema Port expansion: Meridian Port Services Ltd to receive delivery of 15 world class cranes
Tema port

Meridian Port Services Ltd (MPS) has announced a significant milestone in the second phase of the Port expansion project, following the departure of 15 cutting-edge gantry cranes from Shanghai, to Tema.

These world-class cranes, consisting of three Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes and 12 Electric Rubber-Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes, have been carefully designed to enhance productivity and position Tema Port as the preferred hub for commercial container traffic in .

Anticipated to arrive in Ghana by the end of August 2023, these gantry cranes represent an investment of over US$ 50 million.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MPS, Mohammed Samara, indicated that in January 2022, the company awarded a contract to Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co. Ltd (ZPMC) for the construction, delivery, and inauguration of these advanced cranes.

Despite the global challenges posed by the pandemic, he said the cranes are now en route to the Tema Port, showcasing the resilience and commitment of the MPS, shareholders and all parties involved.

He noted that the expected arrival of these state-of-the-art gantry cranes will boost the handling capacity of the Tema Port as it prepares for increasing volumes.

With a total gearing of 12 Quay Cranes and 41 Yard Cranes, Tema Port remains one of the most efficient ports in sub-Saharan Africa and continues to gain recognition as a preferred hub port by the world's leading shipping lines.

Mr. Samara added that the high-tech STS cranes, classified as super-post panamax, possess the capacity to service the world's largest vessels, reaching an outreach of 66 meters and handling containers up to the vessels' 23rd row, with a stacking capability of over 10 containers high on deck. Each crane is equipped with twin-lift spreaders capable of handling loads of up to 65 tonnes.

“The arrival of the gantry cranes will further enhance the Port's capacity as we prepare for growing volumes. With the commencement of the second phase of the Tema Port Expansion Project and the commitment of our contractors to timely delivery, we anticipate transforming Tema Port into the foremost hub for commercial container traffic in West Africa. We extend our gratitude to our shareholders for fulfilling their promise to build and equip to become a world-class marine hub,” he said.

He outlined some key specifications of the gantry cranes as follows: STS cranes comprise a capacity of 65 tonnes (twin lift under spreader), rail gauge: 30.48 meters outreach: 65 meters, back reach: 25 meters, lift Height: 50.8 meters (above rail) and a total weight of 1,650 tons. The eRTG crane has a capacity of 41 tons (under spreader), a span: of 25.93 meters, a lifting height: of 18.1 meters, a total Weight: of 147 tons and sixteen (16) rubber tyre wheels.

“By investing in these state-of-the-art gantry cranes, MPS solidifies Tema Port's position as the most technologically advanced and well-equipped port in Africa. Upon their arrival, the cranes will be connected to the electrical power supply and undergo thorough testing and commissioning to ensure their seamless integration into port operations”, Mr Samara said.

He noted that the port's expansion would unlock a chain of value creation across various sectors of the economy. Increased productivity and capacity, facilitated by cutting-edge technology and equipment, will reduce freight costs and pave the way for a thriving and efficient maritime industry.

“MPS recently achieved the status of an Authorised Economic Operator, granted by the . This esteemed designation recognizes the company's compliance with necessary requirements and promotes flexibility in transhipment, enhancing overall trade facilitation while prioritizing the safety and security of cargo”, Mr Samara said.


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