Tema Metro Health holds 2022 annual performance review

Tema Metro Health holds 2022 annual performance review
Tema Metro Health

The Metropolitan Health Directorate has held its annual performance review for the year 2022 with a call on stakeholders to help the directorate to improve maternal, and adolescent health care.

The review saw presentations covering the activities of the directorate on adolescent health, maternal issues, breastfeeding, malaria, tuberculosis, and .

Reviews from the Tema Regional Hospital, Manhean Polyclinic, Port Health, Tema Health Centre, , and the VALCO Hospital.

Dr Sally Quartey, Director of Health Service, Tema Metropolitan Health Directorate said the review was to analyse the work done in the health sector in the Metropolis for the year 2022 which was based on the Greater Regional.

She said the Health Directorate's aim of build a resilient health system in a post-COVID-19 era by ensuring the continuity of essential services, maintaining effective responses to infectious diseases, and good governance.

Dr Quartey said the COVID-19 pandemic brought some setbacks to health delivery in many ways as roads that were made prior to that were lost, adding that, in a bid to battle COVID-19, some other activities were put on hold including the relegation of some other infectious diseases.

She said that based on the 2022 theme the directorate last year refocused its attention on essential services, such as childhood immunization, early detection of medical conditions, and sharpening response to other infectious diseases, such as monkeypox, and rabies.

She added that they also put in place strategies to ensure good governance in the various areas, and, therefore, commended health workers and stakeholders for the hard work and commitment they put into the work in the year under review.

She said the Greater Accra Regional Health Directorate which the Tema Directorate was under would work under the theme; “Addressing healthcare delivery gaps for equity in health coverage through; intensifying health promotion interventions, optimizing the use of data and technology to improve access to quality healthcare, and strengthening preventive and control measures for emergent and re-emergent public health events.”

Dr Quartey explained that it was far easier to prevent a disease than cure it.

She added that the phase of fast-growing communities all around the region, compared to the slow expansion of existing health facilities to accommodate the huge number of clients made sound reason to put emphasis on health prevention, and disease prevention interventions.

This, she said could be achieved through the promotion of good health lifestyles, health screening to detect some diseases early so that they could be worked on early, improving upon hygiene, sanitation and environment, promotion of wellness clinics and ensuring that people immunize and their babies.

She said the increased use of data and technology in promoting health care globally could not be emphasized and expressed the hope that access to quality health would be improved this year through technology and data use.

The Director of Health Services said there was a need for support from stakeholders to help the directorate tackle issues of maternal mortality, anaemia in pregnancy, late initiation of breastfeeding, adolescent health, and other shortfalls seen from the assessment of 2022 health activities.

She said this year, the Tema Health Directorate would prioritize community durbars to ensure that community members understand the various health initiatives to help solve the various health challenges they faced especially in Tema Manhean, where for instance anaemia in pregnancy was prevalent.

Mr Yohane Amarh Ashitey, Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, who graced the review called for a radical approach to reduce the incident of maternal mortality in the metropolis.

Mr Ashitey said it was not enough for health officials to ask stakeholders to support without specifically pinpointing what each stakeholder should do to help reduce the mortality and urged the directorate to make a case for the need for urgent help from stakeholders.

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