Tatale Police intercept M16 rifle hidden in sack, abandoned by herdsmen

Tatale Police intercept M16 rifle hidden in sack, abandoned by herdsmen: Ghana News
The gun that was found in the sack left behind by the Fulanis| Photo: Ghana Web

In a recent operation, the Tatale Police successfully intercepted and retrieved an M16 rifle hidden in a sack, which had been carried without proper authorization by two herdsmen.

The incident occurred on September 30, 2023, and the two suspects fled the scene, leaving both the unregistered motorbike they were traveling on and the rifle behind.

According to a Police alert, General Constable Wakan Kwaku Williams of the Tatale Police Station reported the incident.

He had been on a motorbike with a Community Protection Assistant, Jeremiah Njakune Mapibe, traveling from Bidrimbombe, a suburb of Tatale, toward Tatale township.

The Police alert stated, “Upon reaching a section of the road near the District Office Junction, they met two unknown Fulani men on the aforementioned motorbike holding a sack heading towards Zabzugu direction.”

The behavior of the two individuals appeared suspicious to the officers, prompting them to initiate a pursuit, chasing the suspects for approximately 250 meters.

As the Fulani suspects sensed danger, they abandoned their motorbike and the sack before fleeing into a nearby bush. A subsequent search of the sack revealed the M16 rifle, complete with an empty magazine.

Meanwhile, the impounded motorbike and the sack, which contained the rifle and the empty magazine, have been retained at the police station for evidential purposes.

This incident highlights the vigilance and swift response of the Tatale Police in addressing potentially dangerous situations involving unauthorized firearms and suspicious behavior.

Further investigations will be carried out to determine the origin and purpose of the concealed M16 rifle, and efforts to locate and apprehend the fleeing suspects may continue.

Reporting by Gifty Amofa: Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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