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Task force formed to address road congestion in Ashaiman Municipality

December 27, 2023
Task force formed to address road congestion in Ashaiman Municipality

In a collaborative effort, the Municipal Private Transport Operation Coordinating Council (AMPTOCC), the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly, and the have established a task force to address the issue of road congestion in the municipality.

The initiative aims to alleviate traffic challenges, enhance road safety, and ensure that drivers load passengers only at designated terminals.

During a media engagement, Mr Samuel Amoah, the secretary for AMPTOCC, highlighted the role of the task force in reducing traffic congestion caused by drivers picking up passengers along roads and main thoroughfares.

The task force will enforce regulations, and drivers found loading passengers at unauthorized locations will face fines as a deterrent.

Mr Amoah urged drivers to join the Drivers Union, emphasizing that membership would grant them access to designated bus terminals for loading passengers.

He noted that the task force would not accept excuses from drivers who violate regulations, as the road traffic law mandates drivers to belong to a union.

The secretary also addressed concerns about missing items reported by passengers, emphasizing the importance of drivers being affiliated with a union.

Passengers were encouraged to use official bus terminals to reduce incidents of missing items.

Madam Vivian Ayerh, the transport officer for the Ashaiman Municipality Assembly, affirmed the commitment of the assembly to collaborate with AMPTOCC and the police to address the issue.

She stated that the assembly had not issued licenses for drivers to load passengers along the road and assured the public that efforts would be made to curb such practices.

The formation of the task force reflects a proactive approach to tackling road congestion and enhancing road safety in the Ashaiman Municipality.

By enforcing regulations and encouraging drivers to join unions, the initiative seeks to create a more organized and efficient transportation system.

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