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Suspend E.I. 2023 on medicine importation to avert loss of human lives- GNCoP, PIWA

February 9, 2024
Suspend E.I. 2023 on medicine importation to avert loss of human lives- GNCoP, PIWA

The Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy (GNCoP) and the Pharmaceutical Importers and Wholesalers Association (PIWA) have jointly called for the immediate suspension of Executive Instrument (E.I. 2023), which imposes restrictions on medicine imports. Expressing grave concerns over the potential repercussions, the associations warned of dire consequences on public health, including medicine shortages, price increases, and even loss of lives.

Addressing the media in during a press conference, the associations highlighted that E.I. 2023 restricts the importation of 142 products across three Schedules. They noted that similar restrictions had been imposed in the past, with 27 products affected initially and an additional 49 products in 2016 under E.I. 181.

Mr. Fifi Yamoah Jnr., Executive Secretary of PIWA, emphasized the serious implications of expanding the restrictions to 142 products, particularly concerning the capacity of local manufacturers to meet healthcare demands. He pointed out the inadequacies of local manufacturers and the lack of data confirming their ability to fulfil previous contractual obligations.

Highlighting the limited number of local pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Ghana, Mr. Yamoah Jnr. noted that most health facilities, especially in the public sector, rely heavily on importers to meet their patients' needs.

Moreover, Mr Yamoah Jnr. raised concerns about the potential compromise in the quality of medicines produced locally if proper infrastructure, data collection, and analysis are not thoroughly assessed before implementing such restrictive measures.

In conclusion, the associations stressed the importance of suspending E.I. 2023 to prevent potential medicine shortages, price hikes, and risks to public health. They called for a comprehensive evaluation of the situation to ensure the continuous availability and quality of essential medicines for all citizens.

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