SURVEY: Over 64% SHS students in Greater Accra watched sexual content online last year, 39% were scammed

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National Cybersecurity Challenge
St Mary's SHS

A survey conducted by the (CSA) indicates that 2,331 Senior High School () students in the Greater Region (GAR) watched sexual content online last year.

The study, which involved interviews with 3,622 students in selected SHSs in the region, also found that 866 students were involved in romance scams that included sexual content being posted online.

In addition, the survey revealed that 1,418 students experienced romance scams involving money, 769 encountered online bullying, and 2,025 students physically met individuals they had befriended online.

The CSA is conducting an ongoing survey to gain a better understanding of children's online experiences and provide targeted interventions.

National Cybersecurity Challenge

Mrs. Herrietta Asamoah, the Principal Manager of Child Online Protection at CSA, disclosed these findings at the maiden edition of the National Cybersecurity Challenge (NCC) held in .

The NCC is part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and is aimed at promoting cyber safety and awareness among high school students in Ghana.

The competition equips students with skills to identify, prevent, and mitigate digital threats, especially related to online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Approximately 50 Senior High Schools from the 16 regions participated in the competition, and winners from each group will compete against each other in the finals.

The NCC is part of the Ghanaian government's initiative to enhance awareness of cyber security best practices for students and address concerns regarding students' online vulnerability.

Mr. Nelson Herald Darko, Senior Manager of Child Online Protection at the National , highlighted that the NCC encourages students to interact with digital technology safely and responsibly.

It aims to equip them with the skills to act as peer advocates for safe online practices and to consider cybersecurity as a career path.

A representative from the Children's Fund (), Ms. Joyce Odame, advised the youth to use the internet to improve their social and educational lives while also emphasizing the importance of online safety and privacy.

She stressed the need for caution when interacting with strangers online and checking the authenticity of information shared by online contacts.

Ms Odame mentioned that the survey is ongoing to better understand children's online experiences and provide interventions accordingly.

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