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Starlink not licensed to operate in Ghana – National Communications Authority

December 8, 2023
National Communications Authority

In a press release issued today, the (NCA) of Ghana officially declared Starlink operations in the country as illegal.

The NCA, responsible for licensing and regulating electronic communication activities, emphasized that it has not granted any license for the operations of Starlink in Ghana, nor has it approved any of its equipment.

The NCA's statement clarifies the regulatory status of Starlink in Ghana, cautioning the general public against engaging with Starlink equipment or services.

The authority explicitly pointed out that any entity providing electronic communication services in Ghana without the proper license or authorization from the NCA is violating Section 3(1) of the Electronic Communications Act 2008, Act 775.

According to the Act, “Except as otherwise provided under this Act, a person shall not operate a public electronic communications service or network or provide a voice telephony service without a licence granted by the Authority.”

The NCA urged the public to refrain from purchasing or using equipment claiming to be from Starlink. Additionally, individuals involved in the sale or operations of Starlink services were directed to cease their activities immediately.

The press release reinforces the NCA's commitment to maintaining fair participation and competition in the market to protect both licensees and consumers.

The authority, established by law, emphasized its dedication to upholding the regulatory framework to ensure a level playing field in the electronic communication sector.

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