Stakeholders advocate for mental health rights Awareness to combat suicides

Stakeholders advocate for mental health rights Awareness to combat suicides: Ghana News
Mr. Peter Badimak Yaro, the Executive Director of BasicNeeds-Ghana

In anticipation of World Day, stakeholders in the mental health sector are urging increased advocacy and awareness about the rights of individuals with mental illnesses. The goal is to reduce the prevalence of suicides, which are alarmingly high in the country.

According to the , approximately 700,000 people lose their lives to suicide annually, making it the fourth leading cause of death among individuals aged 15 to 29.

Mr. Peter Badimak Yaro, the Executive Director of BasicNeeds-Ghana, emphasized the need for intensified media advocacy on mental health issues.

He also stressed the importance of mobilizing a critical mass of advocates, particularly those who have experienced mental illnesses, to guide others facing similar conditions through the healing process.

Mr. Yaro called for increased investment in research to generate empirical evidence on the state of mental health in Ghana.

This research would inform policies aimed at addressing the numerous challenges faced by the mental health sector.

Mr. Peter Amadu Mintir, the Executive Director of Total Life Enhancement Centre (TOLEC-GH), an organization focusing on psychology, highlighted that suicides among mental illness patients often result from stigma, discrimination, and abuse.

He emphasized that mental illness is treatable and manageable like any other sickness, and encouraged individuals with mental health conditions to seek early medical support, especially psychological services.

This year's World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10, carries the theme “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right.” The day was first established in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health to raise awareness about mental health conditions and advocate for support and understanding for affected individuals.

  • Reporting by Solomon Gumah: Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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