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St. John’s Hospital and Fertility Centre denies medical negligence claims in baby’s death

December 15, 2023
St. John's Hospital and Fertility Centre denies medical negligence claims in baby's death
St. John's Hospital and Fertility Centre medical negligence

– St. John's Hospital and Fertility Centre has denied allegations of medical negligence and vicarious culpability made by Mr and Mrs Sackey, who claimed the loss of their baby was a result of the hospital's actions.

The hospital, through its lawyers, stated that the claims were false, baseless, and unjustified, meant to ruin the institution's reputation.

The couple had filed a lawsuit against the hospital, seeking GH₵5 million for the loss of life, pain, and suffering.

The hospital's lawyers emphasized that the claims were an extortion attempt and noted that the hospital had not been served with the writ but learned about it through media reports.

The lawyers defended the hospital, stating that the medical personnel provided reasonable care to Mrs. Sandra Tekyiwaa Sackey during her antenatal care and delivery.

They asserted that the hospital followed established norms and protocols, and there was no breach of duty.

The hospital's legal team explained that Mrs Sackey, despite signs of labour and a poor heartbeat of the unborn baby, insisted on leaving the hospital to write an examination on the same day she was due to deliver.

The hospital persuaded her to forego the examination for the sake of her baby's welfare.

After the delivery, when the baby showed signs of asphyxiation, the hospital acted promptly to resuscitate the baby and arranged for transfer to another hospital for further treatment.

St. John's Hospital and Fertility Centre, known for its numerous awards and recognitions, including Best Private Hospital in 2020 and Fertility Hospital Brand of the Year in 2023, expressed its intention to contest the lawsuit when served.

The hospital emphasized its commitment to providing highly skilled and satisfactory care based on the highest standards.

The legal response aims to counter the claims made against the hospital and protect its reputation in light of the allegations.

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