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SSNIT Board Chair defends the selection of Rock City as major holder of SSNIT hotels

June 26, 2024
SSNIT Board Chair defends the selection of Rock City as major holder of SSNIT hotels
Madam Elizabeth Ohene

The Board Chair of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (), Elizabeth Ohene, has unequivocally defended the integrity of the process that resulted in the selection of Rock City owned by Food and Agriculture Minister, , as the preferred bidder to acquire a 60% stake in four SSNIT-owned hotels.

According to her, the procedure that led to the selection of the Member of cum Minister of state's company was transparent and in compliance with all regulations.

“I am able to say with the utmost certainty that the process that led to the selection of Rock City as the Preferred Bidder was clean, above board, and met every rule and regulation, and can withstand every scrutiny,” she categorically stated in an article titled “Coming out of the hotels.”

Miss Ohene made these remarks in her weekly column published in the state-owned newspaper, .

This comes after the MP, Samuel , blew the whistle on the deal and raised concerns about why SSNIT would sell 60% of its stake in the hotels to a Minister of state unde questionable circumstances.

Mr Ablakwa subsequently petitioned the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice () to investigate the transaction while questioning the legitimacy of the bidding process.

Nonetheless, Miss Ohene is confident in the integrity of the selection process.

She further put integrity on the line that should any be detected in the processes, she should be dealt with per the laws of the country.

“Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa claims to have God and Ghana on the side of his campaign, and I would hope all of God's Angels and Ghana's investigative agencies, temporal and spiritual, would examine the process and tell the world if they find any irregularity or trace of corrupt practice. Indeed, if they should find any evidence of corruption, I will assume and accept responsibility and expect to be prosecuted,” she stated.

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  1. The key point, not addressed by Ohene, is whether there was an open and public tender. The best way to preserve the interests of the public, is through an open auction.

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