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Speaker Alban Bagbin concerned over loss of experienced legislators

February 7, 2024
Speaker Alban Bagbin concerned over loss of experienced legislators
Speaker Alban Bagbin

Mr , the Speaker of , has expressed deep concern over the impact of losing experienced legislators from both the National Democratic Congress () and the National Patriotic Party () in Ghana's Parliament, stating it is detrimental to the nation's democracy. He called on all stakeholders, particularly political parties, to address the issue to prevent continued loss of resources.

Speaking during the formal address to usher in the Eighth Parliament of the Fourth Republic after a recess from the yuletide, Mr Bagbin emphasized the significance of experienced lawmakers and the investment made in them by the nation. He urged political parties to take the matter seriously to avoid wastage of resources.

Mr Bagbin highlighted the loss of veteran Members of Parliament (MPs) from both parties in recent primaries and retirements. He lamented the departure of 28 MPs from the NPP and 17 from the NDC due to primaries, alongside voluntary retirements. This, he stated, poses a significant challenge to Ghana's democratic development.

He remarked, “Experience, as we all know, counts in this house, but the endorsement of your party is equally important,” underlining the dual importance of experience and party endorsement in parliamentary representation.

The Speaker expressed concern that the voluntary decision of some MPs not to seek re-election in the upcoming 2024 general elections exacerbates the loss of experienced lawmakers.

The Eighth Parliament of the Fourth Republic, which commenced on January 7, 2021, is now entering its final year of the four-year tenure. Mr Bagbin's address underscores the urgency for political parties to address the issue of losing experienced legislators for the sake of Ghana's democracy.

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