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SML Ghana files lawsuit against Fourth Estate over “The GH¢3bn Lie Documentary”

February 17, 2024
The GH¢3bn Lie Documentary - SML Ghana
Christian Tetteh Sottie, Managing Director of SML Ghana

Strategic Mobilization Ghana Limited (SML), the company embroiled in controversy over a 10-year contract with the , has taken legal action against the Fourth Estate, the media outlet responsible for releasing “The GH¢3bn Lie Documentary.” In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, February 15, SML alleges that the publication has inflicted irreparable damage to its reputation in the public sphere.

The lawsuit contends that the negative publicity stemming from the documentary has adversely affected SML's operations and demands appropriate redress to rectify the situation. Seeking a total of ¢10 million in damages, SML itemizes the claim as one million for defamation and nine million for exemplary damages, citing reckless and malicious reporting by the media.

The company asserts that despite issuing rejoinders to counter the false reportage, the Fourth Estate has failed to retract or apologize for the misinformation consistently propagated.

Additionally, SML seeks a perpetual injunction against further publication of defamatory material, a retraction, an apology, and any other orders deemed necessary by the High Court.

The Fourth Estate's December 2023 investigative report implicated SML, the (GRA), and the in alleged irregularities surrounding a purported 10-year contract. The report raised concerns about GRA granting SML an annual payment of $100 million.

SML refuted these claims, maintaining that it held a five-year contract instead. GRA, in a statement on December 20, 2023, affirmed that proper procurement procedures were followed.

On January 3, 2024, SML welcomed President Akufo-Addo‘s directive to suspend its revenue assurance operations and undergo an audit of its contracts with GRA and the Ministry of Finance. President appointed to conduct the audit, expressing confidence in its ability to provide clarity on SML's operations.

However, the audit firm requested an extension to complete its investigation, prompting President Akufo-Addo to grant an extension to the deadline.

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