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Show more solidarity with refugees – UNHCR

June 21, 2024
Show more solidarity with refugees - UN High Commissioner for Refugees

This year's Refugee Day has been celebrated at Tarikom, the Resettlement Center in the West District of the Region with a call to show more solidarity with refugees and work towards making them feel welcome in a friendlier world.

The occasion which was observed with diverse cultural displays from young and old from the host community and asylum seekers was celebrated on the theme; “For a world where refugees are welcomed.”

It was attended by the Catholic Bishop of - Catholic Diocese, Most Reverend Alfred Agyenta, The Bawku West District Chief Executive, Mr Daniel Anania Atanpuba, Heads of Department (HODs), representatives of partner NGOs, the refugees and school children.

Mr Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, in a speech read on his behalf by Mr Djerassem Mbalorem, the UNHCR Head of Office, called for the need to celebrate the millions of people around the world who have been forced to flee violence and persecution.

” We celebrate their remarkable fortitude, and capacity for renewal despite the daunting challenges they face,” he said.

“We live in a world where conflicts are left to fester, the political will to resolve them seems utterly absent and even as these crises multiply, the right to seek asylum is under threat and to make matters worse the global effects of climate change take an even more devastating toll,” the UN High Commissioner noted.

He reiterated that the day was also celebrated for the progress made so far and said, “Let's not leave refugees in limbo, instead let's give them the chance to use their skills and talents to contribute to the communities that have welcomed them.”

Mr Djerassem Mbalorem shared some light on the Tarikom settlement centre and thanked the Government and the people of Ghana for the tireless hospitality given to brothers and sisters from .

He noted that since March 2023, the Ghana Refugee Board, working through UNHCR and stakeholders, made tireless efforts in providing protection and assistance in various sectors to the asylum seekers in some host communities.

He said the exceptional collaboration led to consortium of reception settlement centre in Tarikom and the inclusion of asylum seekers into National Service such as health and education as well as the enrolment of 237 children into primary school. Also 860 asylum seekers had been enrolled into the Scheme (NHIS).

He commended the Chiefs of Tarikom and Tilli for opening their hearts and doors to the asylum seekers providing land for accommodation at the settlement centre.

“On this World Refugee Day, let us recall our common humanity to help rekindle the flame of hope for all asylum seekers from Burkina Faso until conditions are conducive for their return home,” he appealed.

With the deterioration situation in Burkina Faso, over 15,000 asylum seekers are estimated to have crossed the borders into Ghana including more than 8,000 in the Upper East R and the numbers of new arrivals from Burkina is likely to continue to rise as security situation deteriorate going forward.

Four Motor bikes were donated to the Police command of the district to support in the key security roles played in ensuring safety in the area, while a tree planting exercise was undertaken with the Catholic Bishop planting the first tree.

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