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Sheela Oppong Sakyi, confident in bid for Dome-Kwabenya MP seat

January 12, 2024
Sheela Oppong Sakyi, confident in bid for Dome-Kwabenya MP seat
Sheela Oppong Sakyi

Sheela Oppong Sakyi, a seasoned legal practitioner and strategist serving in the office of the First Lady, has declared her candidacy for the upcoming New Patriotic Party () Parliamentary primaries in Dome-Kwabenya.

She expresses unwavering confidence in her ability to unseat the incumbent MP, , positioning herself as the ideal candidate to lead the party to victory in the 2024 general election.

In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News on Thursday, January 11, the International Trade Expert emphasized the necessity for Dome-Kwabenya to elect a new leader with a fresh vision, asserting that this is crucial for the party's success in the upcoming polls.

Sheela, who believes she can play a unifying role for the NPP in the constituency, highlighted her commitment to breaking the ‘8,' signalling her ambition to secure victory for the party in the upcoming election.

Addressing the constituents' welfare, Sheela spoke about her proactive approach to tackling challenges by personally visiting households.

Her confidence in her candidacy is underlined by her notable project, ‘Light-up DKC,' an initiative aimed at illuminating dark corners within the constituency, particularly areas where women conduct business and families navigate.

Detailing the ongoing ‘Light-up DKC' project, Sheela disclosed that approximately 150 streetlights have already been implemented, showcasing her dedication to infrastructure development in Dome-Kwabenya.

In addition to her focus on infrastructure, Sheela emphasized her active promotion of women's empowerment in the constituency.

Collaborating with schools, the (GES), and the GA East Municipal Assembly, she has been actively involved in initiatives supporting girls' empowerment, illustrating her commitment to uplifting women and girls in Dome-Kwabenya.

With her experience and achievements in both legal practice and strategic planning, Sheela Oppong Sakyi positions herself as a formidable candidate with the vision and determination to lead Dome-Kwabenya to new heights, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the challenges facing the constituency.

The NPP Parliamentary primaries in Dome-Kwabenya are anticipated to be closely watched as Sheela competes for the opportunity to represent the party in the 2024 general election.

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