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Sammy Gyamfi denies use of party funds for vacation, threatens legal action against instigators

July 1, 2024
Sammy Gyamfi denies use of party funds for vacation, threatens legal action against instigators

The Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (), , has threatened legal action against the instigators of his alleged trip to Miami with his wife.

This follows reports over a viral video of Mr Gyamfi and his wife embarking on a lavish trip to Miami allegedly to with party funds.

Mr. Gyamfi, in an interview on Adom TV, debunked the report, describing it as ‘ridiculous and purely nonsensical'.

He gave details of his whereabouts during the alleged periods including attending funerals and hosting events for the party.

According to him, the video is likely from one of his past trips in the aftermath of his marriage and not a recent trip to Miami.

The Communications Officer has threatened to sue those responsible for spreading the false information.

“These are just lies from demented minds. At the time they wrote the story, they wrote the story I believe Friday or Saturday. Saturday I was at Mawuena Trebarh's funeral, Sunday I was at Suame for our regional organiser's mother's funeral, even on Wednesday I was in here for hosting NDC 360 and was in the High Court on Thursday with Dr . So when was I in Miami and that NDC had given me 42,000 dollars? So it's just ridiculous, just purely nonsensical.”

“This is just foolishness because I've never been to the hotel they are talking about, I know nothing about that hotel. I've never stayed in Miami for two weeks. I've been in Miami a couple of times just like other States in the US, including Miami a couple of times.”

“The video circulating has been cut from one of my past trips to Miami with my wife, I believe the immediate aftermath of my marriage. How that can be an issue to a group of people shows how frustrated they are and how fixated they are with Sammy Gyamfi, because I'm not paid by the government so how does my trip with my wife for a break an issue to you?”

“But you know what, there are certain things that you allow to pass because of the nature of our jobs and the fact that we cannot find time for certain things. Some of the people circulating the video, is really they will not even know you.

“These are some unemployed foot soldiers who have been paid to do that so you cannot even hold them responsible however, there are some people who will be taking on relative to this matter and the issues will be settled in court.”

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