Rock City’s SSNIT Hotels bid was grossly undervalued, smacks of insider dealings

Dr. John Ofori Tenkorang, SSNIT Director-General
Dr. John Ofori Tenkorang, SSNIT Director-General

Intercepted memos from on Hon. 's Rock City offer for the purchase of SSNIT's hotels confirm that but for my timely intervention in exposing the deal, Ghanaian workers would have been terribly shortchanged as the transaction does not guarantee value for money.

The SSNIT memos in my possession reveal that SSNIT's objective expectations based on valuation reports of 60% stake in the 4 hotels (Labadi, La Palm, Ridge Royal & Elmina) ranges from a minimum value of US$80,406,630.00 to a maximum of US$121,315,643.00.

From the intercepted memos, Hon. Bryan Acheampong's Rock City offer fell far below the minimum value of the 4 hotels. Hon. Bryan Acheampong's below par bid was US$61,200,000.00.

Considering that SSNIT's own minimum value based on expert advice was pegged at US$80,406,630.00, the Hon. Bryan Acheampong/Rock City offer did not meet this minimum threshold by as much as US$19,206,630.00.

When compared to the upper limit, Hon. Bryan Acheampong's offer fell short by a staggering US$60,115,643.00

It is instructive to discover that whereas SSNIT's minimum offer for La Palm Royal Hotel is US$37,897,200.00, Hon. Bryan Acheampong merely offered US$21,000,000.00 (a significant variance of US$16,897,200.00).

In the case of Elmina Beach Resort, SSNIT was advised to go for a minimum of US$4,709,430.00, however, Hon. Bryan Acheampong offered a paltry US$2,400,000.00.

Analysts are fascinated by how the Hon. Bryan Acheampong/Rock City bids for Labadi Beach Hotel and Ridge Royal were exactly the same figures for SSNIT's minimum expectations, raising suspicions about possible insider dealings and a rigged process.

These intercepted memos once again expose the deceptive and bogus claims by unpatriotic propagandists and their surrogates that Hon. Bryan Acheampong offered a fair price and that his bid is the best for Ghana.

The clearest indication yet that these hotels were just being opaquely packaged for cheap on the blind side of Ghanaians to satisfy an obscene state capture agenda.

Our agitations must continue unabated, ahead of the June 18 demonstration, since President contemptuously refuses to instruct his marauding appointees to take their hands off our hotels.

We shall not be silent and lose these strategic national assets like the way we were taken by surprise with Mr. Kwaw Worsemao Blay now claiming to own the Labadi Hotel beachfront.

I shall be back with more.

For God and Country.

Ghana First 🇬🇭

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