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Rev. Washington Komla Darke inducted as senior pastor of Calvary Baptist Church

February 12, 2024
Rev. Washington Komla Darke inducted as senior pastor of Calvary Baptist Church
Rev. Washington Komla Darke

The Ghana Baptist Convention (GBC) has officially inducted Reverend Washington Komla Darke as the new Senior Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in , succeeding Rev. Dr. Fred P. Deegbe.

Rev. Darke, who assumed the position of Senior Pastor Elect in 2023, underwent a year of mentorship under Rev. Dr. Deegbe, during which he spearheaded key initiatives aimed at shaping the future trajectory of . Notable accomplishments during this period include the development of a long-term vision statement spanning 2024 to 2033, the creation of a medium-term strategic framework for 2024 to 2028, and the implementation of an enhanced quarterly progress report format.

During the induction service held at the Calvary Baptist Church Auditorium, Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, former Executive President of the Ghana Baptist Convention, emphasized Rev. Darke's responsibility as the head shepherd of God's flock. He underscored the importance of the church as a place of worship and refuge, urging the congregation to foster a welcoming and supportive environment for all seekers of salvation.

Rev. Darke, in his remarks, expressed gratitude for the leadership of his predecessor and pledged to humbly and diligently serve the church. He emphasized his commitment to building upon the strong foundation laid by Rev. Dr. Deegbe, ensuring that the church's vision and mission remained paramount throughout his tenure.

Rev. Washington Komla Darke's induction event

Under Rev. Darke's leadership, the Calvary Baptist Church aims to introduce core principles of alertness, compassion, thoroughness, and initiative to guide its activities. The church's long-term goals for the next decade focus on evangelism, missions, spiritual growth, Christian education, mentorship, empowerment, governance, infrastructural development, and financial sustainability.

The Executive President of the Ghana Baptist Convention, Rev. Enoch Nii Narh Thompson, commended Rev. Darke for his dedication and urged him to remain focused and loyal to the church, the convention, and the Lord Jesus Christ. He expressed confidence in Rev. Darke's ability to lead the congregation effectively.

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