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Rev Emmanuel Titi-Lartey calls for compassion, non-stigmatization in reaching out to troubled souls

November 7, 2023
Emmanuel Titi-Lartey

Reverend Emmanuel Titi-Lartey, the Senior Associate Minister for Harvest International Ministries, has called upon the public to stop stigmatizing individuals struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. Instead, he emphasized the importance of showing love, care and sharing the gospel to draw them closer to God.

During the 30th-anniversary and thanksgiving celebration, which gathered over 20 branches of Harvest International Ministries at the Harvest Chapel International headquarters, Rev. Titi-Lartey delivered his message of compassion.

He stated, “Nobody was born perfect. That is why the Bible states that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, so, therefore, Christians should not point fingers at such people to discourage them from the gospel, but rather reach out to them in love and care and share the gospel with them to get the privilege to worship God.”

Rev. Titi-Lartey continued, “It is just by grace that God has thrown His light or the gospel to us and gotten us sealed; there's time for everything. Today we have come to know Jesus; the time for the others may not be due, but God will bring them to His kingdom. We are all the creation of God; let us help one another and stop stigmatizing among ourselves.”

He emphasized that many challenging circumstances could upset individuals' lives profoundly, leaving them off balance and struggling to adapt effectively on their own. He advised seeking wise counsel beyond prayer during such times and praised the Harvest Care Line team established by Harvest Chapel International.

This team comprises seasoned professionals certified to offer sound counselling through an integrated biblical worldview with a variety of evidence-based interventions to address specific needs discreetly and confidentially.

Rev. Dr. Gordon Kesseih, the General Overseer and Founder of Life International Church, served as the guest speaker at the anniversary. He spoke on the theme, “Remember His Holiness,” reminding the congregation that God does not demand from mankind what He cannot help us accomplish.

Rev. Dr. Kesseih encouraged to lead a holy life as a response to God's advice and guidance. He called on the church to shun impurities of the body and spirit to perfect holiness out of reverence for God. He emphasized the importance of holistic training and guidance for the church to impact youth and children ministries, allowing them to assume leadership roles and leave a legacy for many more years.

He also noted that Christians must demonstrate holiness because it is both an instruction and a reflection of God's power. By belonging to the church and taking up roles and leadership positions, individuals can maintain a holistic life.

Rev. Dr. Kesseih acknowledged the church's role in helping Christians survive life's challenges, trials, and temptations, promoting spiritual growth and understanding of the gospel while offering spiritual protection.

The celebration featured dance performances by the Youth and Children Ministries, song presentations by the Harvest Gospel Choir, and a special guest, Nana Osei, known in gospel circles as Na-Cee. The event served as a testament to the unity, compassion, and dedication of the Harvest International Ministries community.

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