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Oti Region: Residents lament bad state of roads

June 21, 2024
Residents laments on bad state of road network in Oti

Residents and motorists plying Jasikan to Worawora corridor roads of the Region are lamenting the bad state of the road network.

The rehabilitation of Jasikan-Worawora roads was awarded on August 20, 2020, and was supposed to be completed on February 19, 2022.

A visit to the stretch noticed that the road was riddled with deep potholes that make driving a harrowing experience for motorists.

It was learnt that it was more difficult driving on the roads when it rains as drivers are at the risk of not knowing how deep the potholes filled with rainwater are.

Some motorists, who shared their pains with GNA, while trying to find their way through the bad roads urged the Ghana Highway Authority, government, and District Assembly to consider their plight and fix the road urgently.

Mr Elijah Amanyaglo, a driver said motorists were deceived into believing that the road was was being fixed when various pieces of construction equipments were brought to the site in 2020.

A resident identified as Mr Anane Totokari, recalled how the deplorable state of the road nearly caused an and left him with a permanent scar on his right leg.

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