Residents displaced by Akosombo dam spillage find temporary shelter

Residents displaced by Akosombo dam spillage find temporary shelter : Ghana News

Following the recent displacement of around 1,000 residents in Adidome and neighboring communities due to flooding caused by the spillage, the District Chief Executive, Mr. Thomas Moore Zonyrah, has confirmed that temporary accommodations have been provided for the affected individuals.

This displacement was triggered by the flooding, with several houses submerged in communities including Samokome, Dokpoe, Apetorgborkope, and Awadiwekope.

According to Mr. Zonyrah, the Assembly has relocated some affected residents to New Bakpa and others to the Agriculture College.

The Assembly is committed to supporting the victims during this challenging period.

Mr. Kenneth Arthur, Deputy Chief Executive in charge of Services at the (VRA), emphasized that while the spillage may have affected numerous communities, it was necessary to manage excess water in the dam.

This situation is expected to persist for a few more days, potentially affecting additional communities.

Mr. Arthur encouraged affected residents to follow the safety protocols outlined by the National Disaster Management Organization () to ensure their safety.

Mr. Eric Nana Agyemang Prempeh, Director General of NADMO, pledged to protect lives and properties in the area.

NADMO has already provided support in the form of 1,000 bags of rice, cooking oil, blankets, tents, clothing, and other essential items to the flood victims, with further assistance anticipated in the days ahead.

Furthermore, the flooding in the bulk power supply point in Sogakope has left residents in Central, South, and Districts without electricity.

This situation has prompted urgent appeals for support, as many have lost their belongings and are in dire need of assistance.

  • Reporting by Kekeli K. Blamey : Editing by Adejoke Adewale

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