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RESCONI advocates innovative digital solutions for wildlife conservation in Ghana

March 5, 2024
RESCONI advocates innovative digital solutions for wildlife conservation in Ghana

Resource Conservation Initiative (RESCONI), a Non-Governmental Organisation, has urged stakeholders in the wildlife sector to collectively explore innovative methodologies for the protection and conservation of Ghana's wildlife resources.

In a release commemorating World Wildlife Day 2024, themed “Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation,” RESCONI emphasized the importance of leveraging digital technologies to manage wildlife sustainably.

The release highlighted the significance of digital innovation, particularly Global Positioning System (GPS) collars and transmitters, in wildlife conservation efforts. These technologies provide valuable data on wildlife behaviour, migratory routes, and habitat utilization, facilitating informed decision-making for conservationists.

RESCONI underscored the need for Ghana to bridge conservation efforts with digital technology and innovation to effectively manage its wildlife resources. Despite the advancements in digital conservation methods, challenges such as data privacy, high costs of monitoring devices, and analysis of large datasets remain.

The release emphasized the importance of future investments in monitoring devices, e-platforms, micro-weight devices, and to enhance conservation strategies in Ghana.

By fostering collaboration among stakeholders and embracing digital innovations, RESCONI aims to inspire cross-sector partnerships and innovative solutions for wildlife conservation in Ghana.

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