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Public urged to report power theft to ECG

December 22, 2023
Public urged to report power theft to ECG for stronger vigilance
Madam Christina Jatoe-Kaleo General Manager of ECG

The public has received a call to actively support the fight against power theft by promptly reporting suspected activities to the (ECG).

Madam Christina Jatoe-Kaleo, the General Manager of ECG in the , emphasized the importance of encouraging people to report thefts through the online app, providing a secure avenue for complaints and feedback.

Madam Jatoe-Kaleo made this appeal during a media engagement in as part of the end-of-year activities. She highlighted the heightened risk of power outages, especially during the year-end season, underscoring the need for enhanced public vigilance against illegal connections.

Addressing the issue, she noted that both large and small customers engaged in power theft. She also mentioned the challenges posed by fraudsters taking advantage of the recently introduced cashless system, urging the public to remain vigilant.

Madam Jatoe-Kaleo revealed that a cost-reduction project, already underway in parts of the country, would commence in the Volta Region next year.

Additionally, she addressed the problem of vandalization of power systems, citing instances where transformers were knocked down, and cables were stolen. The company is working with stakeholders to strengthen punitive measures against such crimes.

Highlighting the impact of bushfires on power supply, she called on community stakeholders to support efforts to protect poles and other installations.

During the media briefing on the year's activities, Madam Jatoe-Kaleo mentioned that ECG injected GHC 3.2 million into power upgrades and service extension in the Volta Region.

She announced a planned investment of at least 9 million cedis in the Region for 2024, along with a special private sector-led project aimed at transforming power supply.

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