Promoting Good Eyesight in School Children: Free Eye Screening Exercise in Nandom

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Promoting Good Eyesight in School Children: Free Eye Screening Exercise in Nandom
Eye screening in Nandom

Madam Paschaline Ninfaakang, the Nandom Municipal Director of the (GES), has emphasized the significance of good eyesight in effective learning for school children. She highlighted that some children with eye problems face challenges accessing treatment due to ignorance or financial constraints.

The comments were made during a free eye screening exercise organized by Bliss Eye Care, a private clinic in , in partnership with the Nandom Municipal Education Directorate. The initiative falls under the Blissful Sight for Kids (BS4Ks) project, aimed at providing free eye screening and treatment to children.

In the recent screening, 486 children were screened, revealing various eye conditions. Of these, 108 had normal eyes, 345 had pathological issues requiring medication, 22 had refractive errors needing eyeglasses, and 11 had cataracts and glaucoma.

Madam Ninfaakang praised the initiative, noting its timeliness in detecting eye conditions early for prompt treatment. She expressed gratitude to Bliss Eye Care and hoped for periodic exercises to provide regular eye screening for children in the district.

Mr. Martin Gangmur, in charge of the Eye Clinic at St. Theresa's Hospital (Nandom Hospital), highlighted the importance of regular eye check-ups and explained that early detection and treatment could prevent severe eye issues. He urged parents to prioritize eye health and seek professional help rather than resorting to traditional remedies.

The Nandom Municipal School Health Education Programme (SHEP) Coordinator, Mr. Ali Amin Seidu, emphasized that good eyesight enhances teaching and learning, making active participation in academic activities possible. He encouraged parents to ensure regular eye check-ups for their children.

A teacher, Madam Ernestina Aleser, also stressed the importance of early eye care for children and expressed gratitude to Bliss Eye Care for their concern and service to the community.

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