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Be cautious of NPP, they can’t deliver – Professor Jane Opoku-Agyemang warns Ghanaians

June 21, 2024
Professor Jane Opoku-Agyemang warns Ghanaians to be cautious of NPP claiming the ruling party cannot deliver on its promises

The Running Mate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (), Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang has warned Ghanaians to be cautious of the New Patriotic Party's () 2024 slogan, “It is possible,” claiming that the ruling party cannot deliver on its promises.

Speaking during an engagement with female media professionals in , criticised the NPP's track record, citing recent events as evidence of their inability to fulfil their commitments.

She referred specifically to the picketing by pensioner bondholders at the demanding the release of their monies.

She urged Ghanaians to scrutinise the NPP's promises critically and consider the reality of their delivery when making electoral decisions.

“At a time of different haircuts, and at a time old people picketing at the …at that time they also thought that none of this will happen, they didn't even imagine that it is possible. But that has been possible, so when you hear about it is possible, think about it. It is possible to picket at the Ministry of Finance, it's possible to have a different style or haircut,” she said.

She strongly dismissed criticisms that the NDC lacks ideas and the vision to govern effectively if elected.

“When we say it is a people's manifesto, we mean it, I keep saying that you can just shut a couple of us in a room for a couple of weeks and we can draft one for you nicely. But for who are you doing the manifesto for? Does it include journalists? Yes, it includes journalists of many areas of focus.

“But what about the women? What is worrying them that we have to know? And if you don't talk to them as a group, how will you know? It's not that you lack ideas, no, those are childish. We're a serious party. That is why we're engaging all of you,” he said.

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