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Political parties urged to practice a clean campaign

Political parties urged to practice a clean campaign

Mr Nicolas Gborse, a political analyst in the , has urged the various political parties to practice a clean campaign devoid of insults before, during, and after the December polls.

This, according to him, would promote peaceful coexistence, unity, togetherness, tolerance, and respect for democracy.

Mr Gborse, who made the appeal in an interview urged political parties to focus on good policies that would put the country on a path of progress and prosperity.

The policies, he said, include health, infrastructure, agriculture, sports, and others.

“The days of insult in are over. We have gone above that. What many are expecting now is good policies that would change their lives for the best,” he said.

Mr Gborse further stated the winner-take-all in the Ghanaian governance system should be made to allow for the participation of experts in the various fields from the opposition parties.

“Former President Kuffour brought others from different political parties into his administration during his tenure in office, but the fear currently is that there is a lot of mistrust for one another.”

He also debunked the call by others to increase the tenure of governance from four years to five years.

Mr Gborse argued that the four-year system of governance was enough for political parties to make an impact and develop the nation.

He charged all eligible voters to exhibit the spirit of political tolerance and vote based on policies of political parties with a clean campaign devoid of insult to sustain the peace and unity Ghanaians are currently enjoying.

Mr Gborse urged the (EC) to a conduct clean and transparent exercise to avoid speculations and rumour from political parties.

Ghanaians would go to the poll on December 7 this year to elect their various Parliamentary candidates and a Presidential candidate to lead the country for a four-year term.

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