Police arrest driver for attempting to smuggle cocoa beans to Togo

The Police have arrested a driver working for the Anlo Traditional Council for attempting to smuggle a large quantity of cocoa beans to neighboring .

Abraham Senyaglo, a 35-year-old native of , was apprehended on Saturday night while driving a Toyota Hiace Van belonging to the Anlo Traditional Council.
The vehicle was packed with 26 bags of cocoa beans, cleverly concealed in fertilizer sacks to avoid detection.

According to eyewitnesses, the police chase began around 2200hours on the Adomi-Atimpoku stretch, when Senyaglo failed to stop at a Police checkpoint.

A high-speed pursuit ensued, culminating in his eventual arrest near the Adomi Bridge in the .

During questioning, Mr Senyaglo claimed he was unaware that the cocoa beans were illegally acquired.

He stated that he had been sent to the Manhyia Palace to deliver items to the as part of his 25th Anniversary Celebrations and was asked by a friend to transport the cocoa beans on his return journey from to Dzodze.

However, the police disputed Senyaglo's account, alleging that he was fully aware of the illegal nature of the cargo.

The suspect and the seized goods are currently in the custody of the Sogakope Police, pending further investigations and prosecution.

Over the years, the Anti-Cocoa Smuggling Taskforce has been working tirelessly to disrupt the illegal cocoa supply chain, and this bust is a testament to their dedication and hard work in the country.

However, the Anlo Traditional Council is yet to give an official statement on the issue.
The police are working to trace the origin of the beans and identify other individuals involved in the smuggling ring.

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