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PNP confident in winning 2024 presidential election

June 19, 2024
PNP confident in winning 2024 presidential election

The People's National Party (PNP) says it is poised to contest and win the 2024 presidential election after securing a provisional certificate from the

The acquisition of the provisional certificate, which is in accordance with Section 8 (2) of the Political Parties Act, 2000 (ACT 574), means that the Organisation has been granted permission to mobilise itself into a political party in compliance with the country's electoral laws. 

The PNP, which operates with the slogan: “My Family, My Community, My Motherland” and has a palm-tree as its symbol, was formed by some executives who broke away from the People's National Convention. 

Announcing the provisional certificate at a press conference in , Ms Janet Nabla, Chair and Leader of the PNP said the Party was racing to complete the main certification requirements within one month. 

She said the Party had already elected constituency executives and set up offices in some regions, adding that measures had been put in place to expand the Party's reach and popularity. 

Ms Nabla told journalists that the Party would also be embarking on a nationwide constituency tour and open nominations for presidential primaries simultaneously within June 2024. 

“By the end of this month, we will finish everything and make sure that we get the last certificate to enable us to contest in the election 2024,” she said. 

The PNP stands on a political ideology that seeks to build Ghana's democracy on the rich Ghanaian family and community values by developing deliberate policies to support families and communities. 

Mr Sulemana Seidu, General Secretary, PNP, said the Party would bring family and community issues to the centre of political and public policy. 

“We believe that as families are empowered and conditions in our communities improve, the economy will grow in leaps and bounds. We reject the notion that Ghana can develop on the basis of empowering a few minorities of well-connected citizens with capital through state sponsorship and assistance,” he said. 

The PNP said it would abolish the free market economy in its current form and introduce stringent price controls if elected into office.  

The Party said the move would ensure the affordability of essential goods and services by all Ghanaians. 

“By implementing these price controls, we aim to stabilise the economy, curb inflation, and protect our citizens from the predatory practices that have become all too common,” Mr Seidu said. 

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