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Pearson Test of English hosts seminar to facilitate study abroad for Ghanaian students

June 18, 2024
Pearson Test of English hosts seminar to facilitate study abroad for Ghanaian students

Pearson Test of English (PTE), a leading English language testing provider, over the weekend organized its inaugural seminar and fair at the Conference Centre, .

The event aimed to support tertiary-level students in Ghana who aspire to continue their education overseas.

The seminar offered students insights into the process of securing English language testing for global study applications and visa purposes, particularly for countries like Australia, the UK, , and .

Mrs Eugenia Odame Yeboah, Business Development Specialist for Pearson PTE in Eastern, Southern, and parts of Western Africa, spoke to the media about the event.

She emphasized that the seminar and fair were designed to raise awareness about Pearson PTE's presence in Africa and to provide students with the resources needed to embark on their study abroad journeys.

“It is quite painful when you want to embark on a study abroad journey and don't even know where to start. That is why we have had the seminar—to walk the students through the process,” she explained.

Mrs Odame Yeboah highlighted that Pearson PTE is an English language exam approved by the governments of New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Canada for migration and visa purposes.

She also said that Pearson PTE is recognised by over 3,500 institutions worldwide for study-abroad applications.

One significant advantage of PTE over other language testing options, according to Mrs Odame Yeboah, is the quick turnaround time for results, utilizing (AI) and automated scoring, PTE delivers results within 48 hours, compared to 10-14 days typically required by other testing agents.

“Our test is not a face-to-face assessment. Within 48 hours, the results are delivered because we utilize AI and automated scoring, eliminating the issue of panicking and anxiety while waiting for results,” she noted.

The computer-based test is conducted at approved centres, such as the Linear Assessment Services Centre at Total House building in , and students can schedule their test dates at their convenience.

Students were encouraged to visit to book their exams, which can be completed within two hours.

Mr. Ismail Muslim, CEO of Best Education Services

Ltd., a partner in the seminar and fair, advised students to be cautious of fraudsters.

He urged them to work with registered and certified agents who have proper agreements with foreign .

“The immigration policies keep changing, and these registered institutions are more up-to-date with the changes than individuals who studied abroad years ago,” he cautioned.

Ms Jennifer Selasie King, representing the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Programme, also addressed the students, highlighting opportunities for full scholarships to study at the University of Pretoria (UP).

The scholarship caters to students with financial needs, academic excellence, leadership qualities, and community engagement, covering full tuition, accommodation, textbooks, stipends, medical needs, visa fees, plane tickets, and annual travel home.

The Pearson PTE “Study Abroad” seminar and fair were organized in collaboration with several partners, including Crossmark Marketing, Edusol Education Consult, Edustar Consult, Best Education Services Ltd., Scholarly Consult, Phads Consult, Negxy Consult, ISAS, Easy Travel Consult, TGM Education, Psyche Consult, Mai Education, Edutrips Ventures, Ghanson Consult, Express Education Group, and UMB Bank.

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