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Parliament heats in disagreement over African Games expenditure

June 26, 2024
Parliament heats in disagreement over African Games expenditure

Ghana's witnessed a heated disagreement between the Minority and Majority groups on Tuesday, June 25, over the expenditure for the 2023 held in Ghana.

The Sports Minister, Mustapha Ussif, presented a report to the House about the continental event, which took place from March 8-23, 2024.

However, the report did not include details about the amount spent.

The Minority in Parliament, led by Dr Cassiel , criticized Ussif and demanded full details on the expenditure.

Dr Forson said: “We know for sure $15 million was allocated to a company called M and L Company Limited for 18 days of feeding, that amounts to 226 million cedis for 18 days.

“You cannot come here and deliver a statement without accounting for $15 million for 18 days. This is public money.”

Member of Parliament for , Samuel also quizzed: “There is no mention of how much this country has spent on the games. What is honourable minister concealing from this house? What is he hiding?.”

In response, Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin said the Minority's priorities are misplaced.

“Instead of commending the Minister for a good job done, you want to use the opportunity to critique and say things that are not factual.”

Former Majority Leader defended the Sports Minister, arguing that adequate time is needed to account for the expenditure.

“You cannot say that within two weeks or three weeks, the Minister should be able to come before this house and explain everything. The Minority Leader, fortunately, is an accountant and he understands these things.”

Ghana won 69 medals at the competition, which was hosted on home soil for the first time in the country's history.

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