Parliament faces delays as NDC boycotts sessions amid Minority Leader’s court case

Mr. Ato Forson

may have to open proceedings with just half of the House present due to a decision made by the Minority today.

As the house gears up to resume at 1 pm, the legislators insist that they will not show up in the house anytime the Majority Leader has to be in court.

“The NDC will only be available for the business of Parliament after proceedings of the court have ended on the days scheduled for the hearing of the ongoing ambulance case trial,” the NDC said in a statement.

Dr. Cassiel is being prosecuted in court by the over alleged financial impropriety in the procurement of some ambulances.

This case has garnered a lot of controversy and caused division among the two sides in Parliament.

On May 3, 2024, the petitioned the Speaker to urgently reconvene the House to address key government business items, including the adoption of the 34th Report of the Appointments Committee and a motion on additional financing.

In response, a letter from the Office of the Speaker has recalled Members of Parliament from recess to commence proceedings today.

But the day for the House's resumption has clashed with another day in court.

Dr Ato Forson is in court for the hearing which means the caucus is without their Leader at the moment.

The NDC caucus sees this as a worrying attempt by the trial judge to keep the MP away from government business.

On the back of this, the Minority says they will not enter the chamber until the Minority Leader is back.

According to Minority Chief Whip Kwame Governs Agbodza, the action will continue any day the MP shows up in court as their way of expressing solidarity.

“… the NDC Minority will continue to solidarise and stand by its Leader anytime he is due to appear in court.”

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