Parents warned about excessive screen time and myopia risk in children

Parents warned about excessive screen time and myopia risk in children
A child watching television

Dr Nazif Mohammed, an ophthalmologist at the 's Eye Care Unit, has cautioned parents about the potential risk of myopia (nearsightedness) in children due to excessive screen time. Dr. Mohammed emphasized the importance of limiting children's screen usage to prevent potential visual difficulties in the future.

Excessive screen time, particularly for educational purposes, has become a common trend among children. Dr Mohammed highlighted the need for parents to closely monitor this behaviour, as prolonged screen use can contribute to myopia. He urged parents to balance screen time with outdoor activities, allowing children to play and look at objects from a distance.

A recent case study revealed a higher prevalence of myopia among children in wealthier schools compared to those in less affluent schools. Dr Mohammed acknowledged the benefits of screen usage for education but stressed the importance of moderation and regular breaks to prevent potential eye-related issues.

In addition to myopia concerns, Dr. Mohammed also addressed the rise in cases of allergic conjunctivitis, especially among children. Allergic conjunctivitis is characterized by symptoms such as itchy eyes, increased tearing, red or pink eyes, and mild swelling of the eyelids. Dr Mohammed advised parents to seek medical attention for children who frequently rub their eyes, as it could be indicative of allergies.

The ophthalmologist concluded by emphasizing the importance of an active lifestyle in reducing the risk of diabetes-related ocular issues. Encouraging outdoor activities and regular breaks from screen time can contribute to overall eye health in children and adults alike.

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