Paramount Chief of Lawra Traditional Area raises concerns over substance abuse among youth

Paramount Chief of Lawra Traditional Area raises concerns over substance abuse among youth : Ghana News

Naa Puowele Karbo III, the of the Lawra Traditional Area, has expressed deep concern over the growing issue of substance abuse among young people in the region.

He highlighted this issue during the 45th Kobine Festival held in Lawra, emphasizing its potential to hamper the area's future development.

Between June and July 2023, three young men in the region tragically passed away under mysterious circumstances, with suspected kidney failure attributed to substance abuse.

Naa Karbo, speaking during the festival, drew attention to this alarming trend and called for urgent action.

The theme for this year's Kobine Festival was “Substance Abuse: Impact on Human Resource Development,” aimed at raising awareness among the public and duty bearers about the dangers of substance abuse on the younger generation's potential and the region's agricultural sustainability.

Naa Karbo pointed out that the Lawra Paramountcy relies heavily on agriculture, and substance abuse poses a significant threat to agricultural production and the future of the Kobine Festival, which primarily celebrates farmers.

He also noted the growing evidence of various substances being used, including mahogany bitter roots mixed with alcohol and snuff, which are more hazardous than tramadol.

Naa Karbo called for a coordinated national program to educate the public about the consequences of drug abuse, making it a issue.

He suggested partnerships between the National House and Regional , law enforcement agencies, and regulatory bodies to combat the sale of harmful substances and prioritize skills development for youth in future employment policies.

Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, the Regional Minister, stressed the importance of addressing substance abuse to achieve the region's development aspirations, particularly among the youth.

He expressed concern about the youth turning to drug abuse and called for collaboration between security agencies and the Narcotic Control Commission to combat unauthorized substance sales.

Bede A. Ziedeng, the Member of for the Lawra Constituency, echoed the impact of substance abuse on the country's human resources.

He called for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to combat this menace and help youth develop their potential for increased productivity and prosperity.

  • Reporting by Philip Tengzu : Editing by Adejoke Adewale

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