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Paramount Chief disapprove of labelling Hohoe PC as ‘Fulani’

February 3, 2024
Paramount Chief disapprove of labelling Hohoe PC as 'Fulani'
Alavanyo Cheifs

Togbega Tsedze Atakora VII, the of the Alavanyo Traditional Area, expressed dissatisfaction with the labelling of Mr Thomas Worlanyo Tsekpo, the Parliamentary Candidate (PC) of the National Democratic Congress (), as a ‘Fulani.' The Paramount Chief clarified that Mr. Tsekpo is a native of the area, hailing from the Alavanyo Traditional Area, and is of royal lineage. He denounced the divisive nature of such tags and emphasized that Mr Tsekpo, despite not residing in the area for most of his life, is connected to the community.

During a press conference held by the Chiefs at Alavanyo Kpeme, Togbega Atakora mentioned that Mr Tsekpo's father served as a Regent of the Area, and Mr Tsekpo could potentially be a successor to the paramountcy stool. He called for an end to the labelling and stated that the Traditional Council would take action against individuals who continue to smear such tags on Mr Tsekpo, considering him a son of the land.

The conference included the participation of family members of Mr. Tsekpo, who provided genealogical information to establish his roots in the community. The Chiefs and leaders present stressed the need for measured comments and cautioned against statements that could lead to division among people who were once united.

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