Over 3,600 health professionals leave Ghana in 3 years

Over 3,600 health professionals leave Ghana in 3 years
Nurses in Ghana

The has reported that a staggering total of 3,688 health professionals, including both professional and critical caregivers, have emigrated from the country in the past three years in search of better opportunities abroad.

The exodus has been attributed to discontent with working conditions in Ghana.

In response to this trend, the Ghana Health Service has increased study leave for unprofessional nurses, doubling the allowances as of 2021.

The hope is that, by mid-next year, the qualifications of these nurses will help address the staffing gaps created by the departures.

However, in parliamentary debates on the Health Ministry's 2024 budget, Majority Leader emphasized the need for the government to consider raising remuneration as a strategic measure to tackle the issue.

“Mr. Speaker, I think that we should look at the remuneration [of nurses]. If we look at the compensation, it was over and above what was allocated and if people have left, the compensation should then climb up. We should do a proper audit of the nurses who have left to know the deficit and should be able to employ to replace those who have exited.”

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