Nutritionist advises against processed foods for babies’ complementary feeding

Nutritionist advises against processed foods for babies’ complementary feeding

Mr. Samuel Atuahene Antwi, a Nutritionist at the Metropolitan Health Directorate, has issued a warning to parents regarding the inclusion of processed foods in their babies' diets during complementary feeding.

Mr. Antwi emphasized that after six months of exclusive breastfeeding, complementary foods introduced to babies should consist of well-prepared family foods containing locally available nutritious ingredients to support essential developmental growth.

In an interview with the (GNA), Mr. Antwi highlighted the inadequacies of some processed foods in providing the necessary nutrients for babies' development. He cautioned that while offering babies a variety of foods is important, these foods should consist primarily of staples, vegetables, healthy oils, and other nutritious ingredients.

Mr. Antwi expressed concerns about the potential adverse reactions of babies to preservatives commonly used in processed foods. He noted that these reactions could sometimes be mistaken for allergies, making it challenging for parents to identify triggers.

Furthermore, Mr. Antwi cautioned against relying on processed foods for babies, as some manufacturers may not provide accurate information on their products. He stressed the importance of preparing homemade foods for babies to ensure their safety and proper nutrition.

Highlighting the risks associated with feeding babies below six months with processed foods, Mr. Antwi emphasized that babies' digestive systems are not ready for anything other than breast milk during this period. He warned that introducing processed foods too early could lead to malnutrition and other health complications.

Mr. Antwi's advice underscores the importance of providing infants with nutritious, locally sourced foods prepared at home during the complementary feeding stage, promoting optimal growth and development while minimizing health risks associated with processed foods.

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