NSMQ: Ghana’s popular high school quiz ends up in court

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NSMQ - Ghana's popular high school quiz ends up in court
Prempeh College

The grand finale of the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz () is under the threat of an interlocutory injunction as a legal dispute unfolds.

Kwame Boateng Atuahene, a solicitor representing an undisclosed plaintiff allegedly connected to , has filed a Motion on Notice seeking to halt the prestigious educational event's organization.

This legal move has the potential to disrupt the highly anticipated event, which traditionally garners the participation of students, educators, and science enthusiasts from across the country.

The dispute began when the team contested an answer provided by during the semi-final contest. Prempeh College argued that their answer, “principle of superposition,” should have received full marks as it was equivalent to the “principle of linear superposition” stated in the contest.

In response to Prempeh College's protest, the NSMQ organizers, Primetime Limited, upheld their decision not to revise the scoring or grant additional marks, leading to legal action.

In a formal letter to Prempeh College, Primetime Limited explained that they conducted a comprehensive review of the matter, consulting with their physics consultant and the Quiz Mistress, Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann, who affirmed her ruling on the disputed answer.

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