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NSMQ 2024: Drama Apam SHS defeated Mfantsipim to qualify for Central Region finals, along with Wesley Girls, Ghana National

NSMQ 2024: Drama Apam SHS defeated Mfantsipim to qualify for Central Region finals, along with Wesley Girls, Ghana National

Apam Senior High School () has defeated the one-time Regional champion and two-time National champion, Senior High School.

Mfantsipim's contest against four other schools; Apam Senior High School, Assin Manso Senior High School, Hope College, and Swedru Secondary School tipped them as the school with higher chances to make it out of the group because of their previous achievement.

However, demonstrated that the competition is not about history and past glorious, but rather, adequate preparation and making the most out of the moment.

The competition started with Mfantsipim opening the lead with a 6-point margin to finish with 21 points ahead of Swedru Secondary School with 15 points. Apam SHS came third with 14 points, Assin Manso with 4 points, and Hope College at the bottom with 2 points.

Mfantsiman continued their lead into the third round after ending the second round with 25 points ahead of all the other schools.

Apam SHS, however, made a dramatic takeover in the third round of True or False questions. They answered all the questions thrown at them correctly and moved from a low 19 points to an incredible 35 points.

Mfantsipim got relegated to second place now with 32 points.

At this point, Swedru Secondary was trying to hold their head above water to prevent drowning. They accrued 25 points at the end of this third round to rank among the top three in the group.

The fourth and last round became a survival of the fittest. Swedru Secondary School were the star of this round. They fought it bloody and answered three of the riddles to earn 10 points. Mfantsipim failed to earn any points from this round. Apam then used the opportunity to make the final kill by answering one riddle correctly on the last clue.

At the end of the contest, Apam SHS pulled through with a total of 38 points. Swedru Secondary ran second with 35 points. The 2021 regional champions, Mfantsipim came third with 32 points, and Assin Manso and Hope College ended with 12 and 7 points respectively.

Despite coming home second, SWESCO earned GHS 200.00 for winning the GOIL Riddle Bonanza by answering three riddles correctly.


Wey Gey Hey also displayed a remarkable performance by taking their contest to the cleaners in the fourth round by defeating University Practice School with just a 3-point margin. They won with 34 points, UPS 31 points, and Breman Asikuma SHS who registered their place in the upcoming national competition by defeating Holy Child School, came third with 16 points. Obiri Yeboah ranked fourth with 14 points.


New Central Regional highest scorers, Ghana National College who won their qualification to the national championship with 83 points, also made it through to the GOIL PLC Central Regional Championship finale. They won the 3 contests of the day with 47 points.

Aggrey Memorial Zion SHS had 26 points, St. Andrews SHS and Edinaman SHS finished last with 16 points.

All four schools will meet in the grand finale to fight for the bragging rights as the freshest champions of the GOIL PLC Central Regional Championship on Thursday.

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