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NPP National Vetting Committee assesses 7 parliamentary aspirants in Northern Region

January 4, 2024
Seven NPP Parliamentary Aspirants vetted in Northern Region

The National Vetting Committee of the New Patriotic Party () has successfully vetted seven parliamentary aspirants in the as part of preparations for the upcoming parliamentary primaries scheduled for this month.

The vetting process included several incumbent Members of who seek re-election in their respective constituencies.

Among the incumbents vetted were Dr. for the Karaga Constituency, Mr Musah Abdul-Aziz Ayaba for the Mion Constituency, Mr Alhassan Tampuli Sulemana for the Gushegu Constituency, Mr. Habib Iddrisu for the Tolon Constituency, and Mr Mohammed Hardi Tuferu for the Nanton Constituency.

Additionally, other aspirants who underwent the vetting process included Mr Musah Superior for the Mion Constituency and Mr Kamal-Deen Abdulai for the Nanton Constituency.

Except for Mr. Habib Iddrisu, who underwent a virtual vetting process, all other aspirants were vetted at the Residency of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council in .

After the vetting session, Mr. Mohammed Bantima Samba, the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, addressed the media and expressed satisfaction with the smooth and peaceful conduct of the vetting process.

He highlighted that there were no outstanding issues in the constituencies, and even if any arose, the party was well-equipped to swiftly resolve them.

Mr. Samba noted that Mr. Habib Iddrisu, the Tolon Constituency aspirant, underwent virtual vetting due to his involvement in a party assignment.

The chairman reassured party members and the public that the NPP remains committed to upholding peaceful and transparent processes in its internal affairs.

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