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NPP is far, far better than NDC in every aspect, says Presidential Staffer Dennis Edward Aboagye

January 5, 2024
Dennis Edward Aboagye
Mr Dennis Edward Aboagye

Dennis Edward Aboagye, a Presidential Staffer and Executive Secretary of IMCCoD, has expressed his firm belief in the New Patriotic Party () being superior to the National Democratic Congress () in various aspects.

In a recent statement on Twitter (@DennisMiracles), Mr Aboagye acknowledged the challenges faced by the government but emphasized the NPP's significant achievements and compared them with the opposition.

Mr Aboagye stated, “The New Patriotic Party is far, far, far better than the National Democratic Congress in every aspect.” He acknowledged challenges in the macro-economy, attributing them to evident factors while underscoring that they are not excuses but facts.

Despite economic challenges, Aboagye highlighted the NPP's continuous improvement in critical sectors such as Agriculture, Health, Education, Infrastructure, and Social Safety Nets.


He particularly commended the government's efforts in the education sector, citing increased infrastructure, removal of financial barriers to education, enhanced teacher training, and improved professionalism as notable achievements.

Addressing healthcare, Aboagye praised the government for initiating an ambitious plan to address the health infrastructure gap by constructing approximately 88 district hospitals, aimed at providing accessible primary healthcare at the district level.


On infrastructure development, he asserted, “This government has constructed the most km of roads than any government in the past 16 years.”

He mentioned ongoing projects like the Road, Pokuase Interchange, Ofankor Road, , Adenta Dodowa Road, Motorway expansion, and various interchanges contributing to urban interconnectivity.

Social support

Highlighting social safety nets, Aboagye pointed out the restoration of allowances for and nursing trainees, emphasizing the government's commitment to supporting these critical sectors.

Moreover, Mr Aboagye criticized the hypothetical scenario of an NDC government facing global supply chain disruptions and suggested the NPP's collaborative approach with the private sector to stimulate local economic development.


In contrast to the NDC, Aboagye asserted, “The NPP acknowledges the challenges, and works with the people to get us out of it. The NDC never acknowledges the challenges, they call the bluff of the people and then do whatever they want to do until they are pushed out.”

He concluded by emphasizing the leadership qualities of the NPP, citing the courage and confidence to mobilize people amid crises for recovery. Aboagye urged citizens to consider effective leadership when evaluating Ghana's political landscape, emphasizing the difference between the NPP and NDC.

The statement concluded with a call for Ghana's rise in the future, accompanied by hashtags #OkuapemmanRising and #HomeOfCourtesy.

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