NPP denounces alleged doctored tape in Ambulance trial

NPP denounces alleged doctored tape in Ambulance trial

The New Patriotic Party () has said the tape released by National Democratic Congress which , , is heard talking to Richard Jakpa, the third accused in the Ambulance trial, has been doctored.

According to the party, from the screenshots displayed, the alleged conversation is 26mins, however, the National Democratic Congress () schemed to play only 16 minutes.

“What was played, it is apparent that there are repetitions, overlaps, incoherence, voice overs and distortions, demonstrating that, the NDC has spent these past days doctoring whatever tape they played”

Mr Frank Davies, the NPP's Legal Committee Chairman, addressing a press conference in stated that even on the doctored tape, the AG never requested the witness to falsify, fabricate or concoct any evidence or testify in the prosecution's favour.

He said the allegations by Mr Jakpa that the Attorney General (AG) had on several occasions met him in private at odd hours, in person and on telephone to coax him to testify to implicate the Attorney General was at complete variance with the prevailing facts. “In fact, the attempt to selectively present facts without the whole, is telling of intentions of the 3rd Accused.”

He was it was unacceptable, that Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, National Chairman of the NDC, ran a commentary over the alleged tape calculated to prevent the Ghanian people from making their own deduction reasoned judgment.

Mr Davies said again, on the question of who initiated the meeting, even from the NDC's presentation, it was clear that any meeting at all was mooted and initiated by the 3rd accused.

He said on February 2022 when Mr Jakpa requested for a meeting with the AG, the AG never met him and never made any arrangement through the Justice, Mr Emmanuel Yonny Kulendi.

He said it was not until the AG was invited to the residence of Justice Yonny Kulendi in 2023 that he surprisingly met Mr Richard Jakpa at the place.

He said the Attorney General had never approached 3rd Accused for any conversation, let alone requested him to skew his testimony against 1st accused, Cassiel .

The only meeting at which the AG met the 3rd Accused was at the residence of a Supreme Court Judge, Justice Emmanuel Yonny Kulendi who about six (6) weeks ago, requested to see the AG. “It is not out of place for the AG to visit the said Justice upon request. or so, when the two were friends even before the elevation of the latter to the Supreme Court.”

Mr Davies also explained that the AG at the time of the invitation was unaware that the 3rd Accused person was going to be present and therefore his subsequent appearance in the house of the Justice was surprising.

“It is pertinent to note that prior to this meeting, the AG had closed his case and the Court had thrown out the application of Ato Forson as being without merit. The 3rd accused had also, by four different letters by his lawyers, requested and made proposals to the AG for a Plea Bargain which would see Big Sea General, 3rd accused's principal pay 2million Euros7 had been roundly rejected by the AG.

In fact, 3rd Accused through his lawyers in the letter dated 16th May 2023 had indicated unequivocally that they were requesting a Plea Bargain and following the rejection had requested the AG for terms which the AG will consider acceptable.”

He said the Supreme Court Judge therefore sought to enquire whether there was room for a Plea Bargain and the AG highlighted that he was not opposed provided it was made in a proper form and assured 3rd accused that he had nothing personal against any of the accused persons.

The AG further requested that since the charges principally focused on the public officials through whose actions the loss was occasioned, Mr Jakpa should show fidelity to the transaction records which were already on record.

Mr Davies also stated there a record that Cassiel Ato Forson had in the company of a Senior Parliamentarian, visited the AG in his house to plead with him to end the prosecution.

The NDC in their Press Conference today have conveniently failed, refused or neglected to respond to this fact which was also contained in the response of Ministry of Justice, following the proceedings of Thursday.

He said if the AG desired to cajole the 3rd Accused as suggested, then the best avenue would have been following 3rd Accused request of the AG to propose terms acceptable to him and the several whatsap messages sent to the AG, pleading with him.

He said clearly, the 3rd accused was contracted to exploit his relationship with the Supreme Court Judge, knowing the AG's inability to disrespect the said justice when invited after failing to secure a meeting with the AG.

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