Now, I wouldn’t mind being the wife of a rich giver – Andriana Akua Amegbor speaks of playing lead role in The Billionaire’s Wife

21-year-old Ghanaian actress got her first chance to play a lead role with the new Ghanaian drama series The Billionaire's Wife. We recently caught up with Andriana and you'll definitely enjoy this interesting interview;

She may be new to the game but 21-year-old Ghanaian actress Andriana Akua Amegbor is already a fan-favourite with her role in the Ghanaian Original drama series The Billionaire's Wife. Andriana plays Adepa, a young woman who fights her way to the top and marries a billionaire (played by Kingsley Yamoah), only to find out that being a billionaire's wife is the toughest thing she's ever done.

We caught up with Andriana, who shared more about what it means to have her first lead role, getting into the headspace to play Adepa, her biggest inspiration in the Ghanaian film industry and more.

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