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Nigerian trader and son sentenced for obtaining Ghanaian passport and ID cards

August 16, 2023
Nigerian trader

In a recent legal development, a 47-year-old Nigerian woman, Latifat Raji, and her son, Obafemi Jephthah Kojo Shoga, have been fined and sentenced to jail for attempting to obtain Ghanaian passports through fraudulent means. The duo attempted to use their Ghana cards at the Passport Application Centre but were exposed during the process.

Shoga, a 26-year-old designer, needed the passport to join his father in . The Madina District Court ordered Shoga to pay a GHS6,000 fine or serve five months in prison, along with an additional one-month imprisonment. Raji, the mother, was fined GHS2,400 or faced a month in jail, coupled with an extra one-month sentence.

The charges included attempting to obtain a Ghanaian passport through false declaration, making false representations, and obtaining a Ghanaian National Identity Card through false declaration. Raji faced charges of obtaining a Ghanaian National Identity Card by false declaration and residing in Ghana without a permit. Both pleaded guilty to the charges.

According to the prosecution, the accused individuals were arrested at the Accra Passport Application Centre, where suspicions arose about their dual nationality. Further investigations revealed that Shoga had provided false information on his Ghana Birth Certificate, claiming Ghanaian nationality. However, it was discovered that he was born in Ghana to Nigerian parents.

Shoga had acquired a during the 2019 mass registration, falsely declaring his mother as Ghanaian on his birth certificate. During the passport vetting process, Raji testified that Shoga was her son and a Ghanaian. It was later revealed that Raji had also obtained a Ghana card in 2019 and had been residing in Ghana without a valid immigration permit since 1996. The court's verdict reflects the severity of their actions in attempting to manipulate official documents for personal gain.

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