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NIA to begin registration of children 6-14 years at Akatsi south

June 13, 2024
NIA to begin registration of children 6-14 years at Akatsi south

The (NIA) office at Municipality says the Authority will be conducting a registration exercise for Ghanaian children aged six to 14 years.

It said the exercise, by the legal mandate, remained crucial to ensuring that all children within the age bracket got into the national identity register.

A statement signed by Mr Amen Agbenorhevi, the Akatsi South Municipal NIA Head, and copied to the , said the assignment would enable children to benefit from various national programmes and services.

It indicated that a registration team would move from one school to another to do the registration at a yet to be determined date.

“This registration exercise is parent/ guardian-child centred. Every parent/ guardian needs to be present with their child during the registration process,” it said.

The statement said guardians played a crucial role in providing the necessary information and documents required for successful registration, so the need for them to avail themselves when it started.

It said parents/guardians should bring along the original Birth Certificate of the child, valid Ghanaian passport, and the Child's Certificate of Acquired Citizenship, among other documents as part of the registration requirements.

However, it said Oath of Identity Form of the guardian shall be used where the child had none of the needed documents.

“We plead for the support and cooperation of all stakeholders, including parents, guardians, school authorities, and community leaders, to assist in this important exercise,” it said.

The statement emphasised that public cooperation was essential to ensuring the registration of every eligible child.

“We count on your usual cooperation to make this registration exercise a success,” it said.

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