The New Force spokesperson, Shalimar Abbiusi, granted bail in false declaration case

New force spokesperson, Shalimar Abbiusi, appears in court on false declaration charges : Ghana News
Shalimar Abbiusi

The has approved bail for , the spokesperson for the emerging political movement .

Shalimar Abbiusi faces charges of allegedly obtaining a student permit through false declaration.

In a video campaign for The New Force, Abbiusi highlighted the challenges faced by Ghanaians under the administration, utilizing recent demonstrations to question the leadership's effectiveness in addressing citizen concerns.

This morning, she appeared in court accompanied by officers from the National Bureau of Investigations.

Shalimar Abbiusi pleaded not guilty to the charges, and supporters were observed outside the court premises, displaying placards with inscriptions such as ‘Justice for Shallie.'

The arbitrary detention of Ms Abbiusi, as stated in The New Force's December 7 press release, raises serious concerns about power abuse, persecution of perceived political opponents, and multiple human rights violations.

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