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Network of Professional Women in Maritime and Port Sectors holds seminar on sustainability of maritime industry

July 11, 2023
Network of Professional Women in Maritime and Port Sectors holds seminar on sustainability of maritime industry: Ghana News

The Network of Professional Women in Maritime and Port Sectors of West and Central Africa (NPWMP-WCA) has commenced its annual three-day seminar to address sustainability issues within the maritime industry in their area of operations.

Under the theme “PMAWCA Ports Facing the Challenges of Sustainable Development: Status and Prospects,” the seminar aims to foster discussions on sustainable practices within ports.

Mr. Michael Luguje, the Director General of the (GPHA) highlighted the crucial role of ports as gateways for global trade in shaping a sustainable future.

He emphasized the need for ports to embrace sustainable practices given the growing awareness of environmental concerns and the urgency for action.

Mr. Luguje acknowledged the challenges that ports face in achieving sustainable development, including minimizing carbon footprint, reducing pollution, effective waste management, and preserving ecosystems.

He stressed the importance of a holistic approach that considers environmental, social, and economic dimensions.

Technological innovations and practices such as renewable energy adoption, green infrastructure implementation, and data-driven solutions are transforming port operations. Collaboration and partnerships play a key role in driving sustainable development in ports.

Mr. Luguje highlighted the opportunities that sustainable ports offer, including enhanced competitiveness, attracting investments, and fostering long-term economic growth.

He emphasized that sustainable ports can serve as models of ecological responsibility while contributing to job creation and economic development.

In a keynote address read on her behalf, Chief Justice urged the NPWMP to provide mentorship opportunities for younger women interested in maritime and port careers.

She emphasized the importance of women supporting and guiding the next generation, contributing to the advancement of women in the maritime and port sectors.

Madam Florentine Guihard Koidio, the Coordinator-General of NPWMP-WCA, emphasized the need for women to be more visible in the male-dominated maritime sector through continuous training, skill recognition, and reaching higher positions.

The annual seminar provides a platform for the group to discuss pressing maritime issues and develop recommendations for the sector.

Mr. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, the Minister for Transport, highlighted the challenges faced by women in the maritime sector, including stereotypes, biases, and limited access to education, employment, and leadership positions.

He acknowledged the progress made by women in paving the way for future generations to pursue their aspirations fearlessly.

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