Neglect of development needs in Banongoma community frustrates residents

Neglect of development needs in Banongoma community frustrates residents

The chief and residents of Banongoma, a community in the East District, have voiced their disappointment at the apparent neglect of their development needs by the district leadership.

The community faces numerous challenges, including difficulties in accessing clean water, , poor road networks, and lack of electricity.

Chief Naa Nasiru Gbaazu expressed concern about the absence of electricity in the community, which adversely affects the academic performance of children. Without electricity, students are unable to study at night, and those who do so must rely on torchlights.

Naa Nasiru Gbaazu recalled the promise made by Dr. Godfred Seidu Jasaw, the current Member of for the Constituency, during his 2020 campaign.

Dr. Jasaw had pledged to connect the community to the national grid. However, three years after his election, there has been no progress in bringing electricity to Banongoma.

Residents are forced to travel approximately 5 kilometers to Baayiri to charge their mobile phones, and the community has not seen any sign of the promised electricity connection. Efforts to assess the number of needed electricity poles have been sporadic and unproductive.

Amadu Seidu, the Tendaana (Landlord) of Banongoma, expressed frustration at the community's exclusion from the electricity distribution network, despite high-tension wires passing through the area to supply power to other communities.

He emphasized the need for elected officials to address the community's concerns, as residents feel that their needs have been overlooked.

Ibrahim Mohammed, a community resident, highlighted the challenges faced by women who must travel about 12 kilometers to access a corn mill in the neighboring Kperisi community. This adds to their expenses and inconveniences.

In response to these concerns, Dr. Jasaw stated that he had written to the , identifying the 56 communities in the Wa East Constituency that still lack electricity access.

The Ministry of Energy has assured that these communities will be connected, pending the availability of resources.

Despite these assurances, Banongoma residents continue to wait for the promised electricity that would improve their living conditions and educational opportunities.

  • Reporting by Philip Tengzu: Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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