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NDC withdraws Assin Central parliamentary candidate for immoral acts

June 28, 2024
NDC withdraws Assin Central parliamentary candidate for immoral acts

The National Democratic Congress () has withdrawn Nurein Shiabu Migyimah as its parliamentary candidate after being found guilty of immoral acts and anti-party activities.

Complaints were filed against Nurein Shiabu Migyimah and the NDC's Central Regional Functional Executive Committee decided to withdraw his candidature with immediate effect after exhaustive investigations and deliberations.

A letter written by the Regional Functional Executive Committee and addressed to the Assin Central chairman of the NDC also indicated that Nurein Shiabu Migyimah is to be suspended for six months pending the adjudication of the matter by the Regional Disciplinary Committee.

Below is the full statement.

The Regional Functional Executive Committee (R-FEC) sends you warm greetings.

Following the interrogation and deliberations on the reports of immoral acts and anti-Party conduct received by R-FEC against the Assin Central Parliamentary Candidate (PC), Nurein Shiabu Migyimah, at the R-FEC meeting held on Tuesday 25th June, 2024, the Regional Functional Executive Committee after conducting its preliminary investigation and examining the matter minutely and exhaustively further consulted key stakeholders in the region and the leadership of the Party at the National level resolved that, Nurein Shaibu Migyimah be withdrawn as the 2024 Assin Central Parliamentary Candidate of the NDC with immediate effect.

Furthermore, R-FEC has suspended Nurein Shaibu Migyimah forthwith for six months and has referred the matter to the Regional Disciplinary Committee for adjudication. Also, the Party membership of Nurein Shiabu Migyimah stands suspended until the final determination of his case by the Regional Disciplinary Committee.

Kindly take note of this decision of R-FEC and communicate it formally to Nurien Shaibu Migyimah, all Constituency, Ward, Branch and the rank and file of the party in the constituency.

Please treat as urgent and do the needful immediately.

I count on your cooperation to ensure strict compliance to this directive without fail.

Thank you.

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