NDC will not support changes in voting calendar – Mahama

NDC will not support changes in the voting calendar - Mahama

Former President and National Democratic Congress () Flagbearer, Mr , has voiced opposition to proposed changes in the voting calendar by the (EC), asserting that the NDC will not support any alterations.

Speaking at a workshop in aimed at enhancing the skills of the in , Mr Mahama emphasized the NDC's stance against the EC's proposal to shift the election date from December to November, deeming it unfeasible and unhelpful.

Mr Mahama urged the EC to prioritize fundamental preparations for elections before considering unnecessary modifications to the voting schedule. He criticized the EC for failing to produce a calendar of events for the year and cautioned against diverting attention towards “bizarre changes” instead of ensuring full readiness for elections.

Expressing concern over the reliance on the as the sole form of identification for registration, Mr Mahama highlighted potential issues of inclusivity, noting that many citizens could be deprived of their voting rights. He stressed the need for space to be made for individuals yet to receive the Ghana card, emphasizing the importance of enabling all eligible voters to participate in the democratic process.

Regarding continuous registration, Mr Mahama emphasized the necessity for a transparent system that allows political parties and stakeholders to monitor the process effectively, preventing fraud and exploitation to the advantage of any political entity.

Mr Mahama's remarks underscore the NDC's firm stance against proposed changes to the election date and its emphasis on ensuring inclusivity and transparency in the electoral process.

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