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NDC vows to recover lost funds in Agyapa Royalties agreement when in power

February 20, 2024
NDC vows to recover lost funds in Agyapa Royalties agreement when in power
Sammy Gyamfi

The National Democratic Congress () has pledged to prioritize accountability and recover funds lost to activities, including through investigations into the controversial Agyapa Royalties agreement, should the party be elected in the upcoming election.

During a news conference in , Mr , the National Communications Officer of the Party, emphasized the commitment of the NDC to hold individuals accountable for any corrupt practices uncovered. He stated that no one found culpable would be spared by the next NDC/Mahama government, highlighting the party's determination to address corruption head-on.

The Agyapa Royalties deal, aimed at raising funds for infrastructure development through mineral royalties, has been a subject of public scrutiny and criticism. The government deferred the arrangement in 2021 following public outcry, and recent disclosures revealed that $12 million had already been spent on processes related to the deal before its suspension.

Mr Gyamfi expressed outrage at the expenditure, describing it as an abuse of the public purse and a betrayal of trust. He emphasized that the funds lost to the deal could have been directed towards addressing pressing national needs, such as restoring the economy, providing healthcare, and improving education infrastructure.

Highlighting the potential impact of the misused funds, Mr Gyamfi pointed out that the money could have been used to save lives, improve access to essential services, and uplift communities across the country. He underscored the magnitude of the financial loss to the state and vowed to ensure that those responsible face consequences for their actions.

Mr Gyamfi urged Ghanaians to support the NDC and its flagbearer, , in the pursuit of accountability and the recovery of looted public funds. He expressed confidence that voters would reject corruption and economic mismanagement, emphasizing the party's commitment to transparency, integrity, and good governance.

As the election approaches, the NDC's stance on accountability and anti-corruption measures signals its determination to address issues of financial malfeasance and promote ethical governance if entrusted with power.

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